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Erskine Pilot

Welcome to the Erskine Pilot project

The Erskine Pilot project is an initiative of the University of Canterbury College of Business and Economics (jointly with Gil Barker from Audio Visual) to record, edit, and present on the web seminars and public lectures of interest from Visiting Erskine fellows.

You will see that most of the Erskine lectures here are in the area of Economics, although there are a few from other departments. This reflects a resource constraint, not an objective. John Fountain in the Econ Dept is making the effort to record raw footage of Erskine visitors in the Econ Department and in the College of Business and Economics, and some footage is made available from Audio Visual when they have been called on to record visiting Erskine lectures in other Departments. But we are hoping the outstanding quality of the limited footage we have will encourage other Departments to become involved so that we can record and archive the intellectual efforts of these remarkable visitors to the University of Canterbury intellectual and academic life.

We here at UC under the auspices of the Erskine Fellowship program, have the opportunity to deliver to the global community as well as all UC students and Alumni,  lectures and seminars in a wide variety of disciplines by  truly gifted and world class international researchers and speakers. This is as good as you can get on the Web from Stanford, MIT, Berkeley, Princeton, Cal-Tech etc etc ( the Erskine visitors are often from these prestiguous institutions themselves!!).

If you are visiting this site you will probably find the webcast/podcasts for Economics Dept at Proudly Dismal also interesting. These lectures are available from a number of popular  sites,  Youtube and  Itunes as well.

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