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A list of all the UCTV Channels.
Proudly Dismal - Economics Dept Seminars/Public Lectures - A collection of Seminars and public interest  lectures from the Economics Department at the University of Canterbury50x50shadowmantis
Erskine video/audio - Erskine Seminars is a pilot project of the School of Economics and Business at the University of Canterbury under the initiative of John Fountain in the UC Economics Department and Gil Barker at UC Audio Visual. Edited podcasts and webcasts of a limited number of seminars presented by Erskine visitors to the School are available for viewing on screen or to download.

Game Theory 2007 - Archive of 21 lectures in introductory game theory, from a courseI delivered in semester 1 down under here in NZ , Feb to June 2007 . Use the "sort in Reverse Order" text in the upper right menu to view lectures 1 by 1 from the beginning
Strategic Econ Blog (JF) - johnhappyJohn Fountain 's blog , mostly for multimedia educational resources related to my introductory course in game theory but also for other insightful, enlightening, and fun stuff in economics where strategy and strategic interaction matter